Occupational Therapy Schools in Oregon

Pacific University

School of Occupational Therapy 
190 S.E. 8th Avenue, Suite #361
Hillsboro, OR 97123-4216

Program Director: John White Ph.D., OTR/L
Status: Accreditation
Completion: Master’s degree
Avg. Class Size: 30
Phone: 503-352-7268 or (800) 933-9308
Fax: 503-352-2950 – registrar’s office
Emaillarsenj@pacificu.edu or gradadmissions@pacificu.edu
Requirements: complete application for admission, submit all official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, respond to essay questions as instructed (information in application packet found online), minimum 3.0 GPA, complete all prerequisite courses – submit with GPA

Pacific University is a great institution for any student looking to further their education. Surrounded by beauty and amenities such as shopping, restaurants, and entertainment, PU also offers several different organizations so students can get involved with the things they care about most while earning a degree. The occupational therapy program offers students the chance to learn in the classroom for the first two years before going out into the field during the last year to learn more hands-on methods of rehabilitation. The OT program offers two separate paths to reach OTD status. The first is a 34-month program, described above. While the other offers students a chance to earn their OTD through online participation (17-24 months). So, which one are you more interested in? Contact the school today.